Our Garden

Thanks for stopping by the garden. This is a place to give an update to the garden during this era of social distancing. I will try to inform the La Prima Casa community about how the vegetables, fruits and the Lizard Extravaganza team are doing. Heck, we might even hear from Quinn our grumpy but lovable garden troll. – Mr.Sean

Let's make a vinaigrette

In this episode we make a very, very simple vinaigrette. The kids have become pretty good at this. In fact many parents have told me the kids make it at home. Hey, this might be a great activity to keep them busy. Bon appétit!

The Lizard Extravaganza!

Buckle in everybody. This episode gives us a remote performance of the world-famous Lizard Extravaganza show. Introducing Little Dog in his first appearance on the big stage. How will he do? Enjoy!

Update on the garden

In this episode we take a waltz through the garden to see how things are growing. Otis even makes an appearance!