Why LPC Montessori

OUR INSPIRATION: Maria Montessori. Physician. Humanist. Educator.

Maria Montessori didn’t begin her career in the classroom. In 1896, she became the first woman to practice medicine in Italy. These empirical days would prove invaluable years later when Maria’s interests turned to education. She approached it with scientific zest, observing how children interacted with various tools; how they socialized with each other; and how they responded to their surroundings.


In doing so, Maria uncovered two universal truths – every child is unique and all children shape themselves as a reaction to the environment.

In 1907, Maria opened her first school, Children’s House, in the poorest section of Rome. Rough, shy, and regressed, these children where living, breathing products of their surroundings. However, in Maria’s school an amazing transformation occurred. Learning in an environment that encouraged hands-on problem solving, social interaction, self-awareness, and individual acceptance, these forgotten kids thrived!

Word quickly spread of Maria’s “miracle children” and the rest is history. Generations later, The Montessori Method is hailed as one of the greatest achievements in education.

The First Years Of Life
Shape Lifetimes.

Maria Montessori was the first to recognize that early childhood development sets the stage for success or failure in later life. She also realized that passive learning and textbook approaches, simply don’t work in these formative years.

At La Prima Casa, we share these beliefs. Our mission is to inspire your child by giving him or her the opportunity to create and discover in an environment that encourages independent thought, while offering plenty of fun chances to learn alongside other children.

We want your children to be life-long learners empowered with the intellectual, emotional and social skills needed to succeed, along with the empathy and understanding that make for happy and productive global citizens. 

The Power Of Tiny Hands

A child’s hands are how he or she grasps hold of knowledge in the early developmental years. To learn, a child must concentrate, however, concentration cannot be forced onto the child.

Working with his or her hands focuses a child’s attention, inspires creative problem solving, offers up tangible new experiences, and connects the cognitive mind with the active body. The hands are the first tools a child will use to reveal his or her unique learning nature and individual identity. The environment at La Prima Casa is made for these tiny hands. Chairs, tables and tools are all designed around the heights, weights and strengths of children. Our space invites curious little hands to reach out and discover. We’ve carefully shaped La Prima Casa to always inspire and never intimidate.

Architect & Artist, Friedensreich Hundertwasser

Academy Award Winner, George Clooney

Famous Montessorians

Just A Few Of The Many Prominent Leaders, Artists And Humanitarians Who Have Been Shaped By The Montessori Method:

Nobel Prize Winning Author, Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Media Mogul, Sean Combs

Google Founders,
Larry Paige & Sergey Brin

World-Renowned Cellist, Yo Yo Ma

Amazon Founder, Jeff Bezos

Princes William And Harry of Wales

Why La Prima Casa?

True To Montessori And Your Child.

The Montessori Philosophy is not a step-by-step, foolproof educational curriculum devised through vigorous pedagogical training and intellectual contemplation. Rather, the method evolved naturally and without intention based on Maria Montessori’s observations of mixed-age children in an optimal environment, the first Children’s House.


Like any good school, we update materials as exciting new advances and tools are made available. However, we will never deconstruct what makes the Montessori Method so special – providing an environment where children are invited to touch, feel, solve, create, fix, share, grow, ask, wonder and achieve. There are no step-by-step teaching formulas or pedagogical absolutes in the Montessori philosophy or at La Prima Casa. We are committed to providing a learning experience that’s as individual as your child.