Montessori flower arranging

Montessori Flower Arranging For Toddlers

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How To Bring Montessori Into Your Home With Flower Arranging. Bringing Montessori into your home doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. With just a little preparation, you can easily practice Montessori principles with your child at home every day. Doing so will be an invaluable bridge that will ease your young student’s transition back to school and reinforce what …

Gardening class at La Prima Casa

How Montessori Gardening Helps Child Development

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At La Prima Casa Montessori, we incorporate gardening into our curriculum. Students enjoy participating in the planting, pruning and harvesting in our very own beautiful school garden. Dr. Maria Montessori considered the outdoor environment an extension of the indoor classroom. She believed that being in nature and interacting with it is crucial for the child’s physical and emotional development. “The …

Montessori Educational Philosophy

Always Learning: How to Bring the Montessori Educational Philosophy Home

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At La Prima Casa Montessori, we are honored to be a partner in your child’s education and social development during their most formative years. And while our teachers instill important lessons and values throughout the day, many aspects of a Montessori education can be carried through to the home life. Parent involvement is essential throughout every child’s education. Studies show …