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How to Celebrate Easter the Montessori Way

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With Easter right around the corner, here are some ‘eggcelent ideas’ on how to bring Montessori into your home with fun educational activities:

For Toddlers: Egg Dying and Decorating

Egg Dying and Decorating is a fantastic and fun opportunity for Toddlers to work on their hand-eye coordination and focus of movement. It’s also a perfect activity to reinforce the names of the colors and talk about color mixing (example: yellow and blue make green!)

For Primary Children: Egg Peeling & Slicing

An egg-peeling activity provides much more than a tasty snack. Essential skills like focus, determination, and fine motor control make it a powerful developmental tool for primary children. Remember to provide three bowls: one to hold the egg before it’s been peeled, one to place the shell pieces in while working, and one for the peeled egg. We recommend an egg slicer that a child can use independently to finish the preparation of this healthy snack.

For Elementary Children: Egg Heads with Cress Hair

This is a great idea for elementary children. For this activity, break off the top of the egg and empty it. (Omelettes for breakfast, anyone?) Wash out the egg shells and sit them in the egg carton to keep them steady. Draw on some silly faces with crayons, adding googly eyes if you have some. Dampen cotton balls with water and place them inside the shell. Sprinkle cress seeds all over the cotton ball – good coverage will give you a full head of hair. Place them on a windowsill and wait for “hair” to sprout (it will only take a couple of days). If the water dries out, remember to refill.

If you want to bring Montessori into your home and your child’s life, you are probably asking yourself: Where do I start? What do I focus on first? What should my priority be?

Whenever you work with your child, there is one goal that you need to keep in mind above any others: supporting concentration. As Dr. Maria Montessori wrote, “The first essential for the child’s development is concentration. The child who concentrates is immensely happy.”

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