Montessori Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Montessori Inspired Pumpkin Carving

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Pumpkin carving combines Practical Life, Science, Math and Art skills that can support Montessori lessons at home for children of all ages. And let’s face it… it’s a FUN activity to enjoy with your child, as a family!

One way we help educate the “whole child” in a Montessori school is by making lessons relevant to the children’s real world experiences. At grocery stores and farmers’ markets, you can’t help but notice hundreds of pumpkins for sale this time of year.

Montessori at Home – Pumpkin Activities

Here are some ideas on how you can use pumpkin activities to bring Montessori home this Fall season:

  • Practical Life: Children old enough to handle a pumpkin-carving knife can assist in removing the lid off the pumpkin, further developing their fine motor skills. All children can enjoy cleaning out the pumpkin, then seasoning and baking the seeds to make a delicious and healthy snack to share.
  • Science/Language: Pumpkins have probably been examined, studied and dissected more than any other object. Introduce the parts of the pumpkin: shell, tendrils, ribs, skin, cavity, pulp, seeds, while you dissect your pumpkin this Fall season. Use these words and talk about their purpose in the lifespan of a pumpkin.
  • Math: Older children can estimate and measure the diameter, circumference and weight of the pumpkin. Younger children can assist in measuring and also use the seeds to count, add and subtract.
  • Art: Allow your younger children to get creative with markers on the pumpkin. They can lay out the Jack O’Lantern’s face before older children (or adults) carve their design out!

At La Prima Casa Montessori, our students enjoy working with pumpkins and other season-inspired Montessori activities, while practicing their Practical Life, Science, Math and Art skills.

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