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How a Montessori Education Fosters Social and Emotional Development

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School education is often focused on improving the child’s cognitive abilities. But often overlooked, although just as important, is social development and building emotional intelligence.

Studies show that early emotional development helps influence cognitive functions like problem solving and making memories. In fact, a study by the College and Career Readiness and Success Center found that social and emotional intelligence is just as crucial as cognitive learning when it comes to predicting the child’s success in college and further into a career.

At La Prima Casa Montessori, we focus on the emotional and social development at every age.

Preschool-aged children are still learning to understand and control their emotions. By age three, children will show gratitude to adults who help them adapt to their environment, paving the way for them to develop the means for emotional expression. By age four or five, most children can identify their feelings and begin to make attempts to control them.

Here is how the Montessori education can help build emotional intelligence in your child.

Montessori emotional development

1. Developing emotional intelligence through grace and courtesy.

One of the central teachings of the Montessori philosophy is the principle of “grace and courtesy.” Simply put, grace and courtesy is about helping children learn and understand polite social norms.

This is achieved through intentional modeling by our teachers, as well as older students in the classroom.

We find that children are eager to copy adults’ behaviors and follow their lead.

2. Building maturity in the Montessori classroom.

Working on Montessori activities and gaining experience helps children become more mature, which is what a Montessori classroom is designed to accomplish.

At La Prima Casa, our mission is to inspire our children by giving them the opportunity to create and discover in an environment that encourages independent thought, while offering plenty of fun chances to learn alongside other children.

The freedom and independence our students enjoy help them build greater maturity.

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3. Building emotional intelligence through activities.

In a Montessori preschool, students begin to develop their emotional intelligence through structured activities and interactions, as well as the relationships they build with their teachers and other classmates. Constructive activities help students satisfy their inner needs and realizing their own personal development will create a sense of joy. The more skills and knowledge students acquire, the more comfortable they become in the Montessori classroom and the happier they become.

4. Accelerating emotional development through self-direction.

Since a Montessori classroom gives students the freedom to self-direct their studies, it offers them an early opportunity to engage in self-governance, which is a crucial element of emotional development. Instead of doling out rewards and punishments, Montessori teachers encourage students to find internal motivations, thus helping them develop emotional intelligence that can last a lifetime.

5. Developing concentration. Emotional Development in children

For the youngest students, Montessori education emphasizes working side-by-side, rather than working together. This is key for developing concentration, which can go a long way when it comes to helping children develop other learning skills as they get older. When students are able to concentrate, their confidence in their learning abilities will increase.

These are just some of the ways that Montessori education can foster the emotional development of your child, but there’s much more to our curriculum.

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