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How to Encourage Creative Development In Your Child The Montessori Way

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Unlike traditional schools, the Montessori method takes a different approach to creativity. By placing a premium on hands-on experience, self-instructed learning, critical thinking and analysis, the Montessori philosophy encourages creative development.

It’s hard to overstate the importance of creativity. Creative thinking is an invaluable skill that helps both imagine original ideas or solutions and move beyond barriers when it comes to their implementation.

“The secret of success [in education] is found to lie in the right use of imagination in awakening interest, and the stimulation of seeds of interest already sown.” — Dr. Maria Montessori, To Educate The Human Potential

The world our children will inherit is complex. So it’s important that we raise the new generation of creative thinkers who are curious, optimistic and resourceful, and who can imagine, innovate and implement solutions to big and complicated problems.

Creativity also helps foster learning in children, especially at a young age. At La Prima Casa Montessori, students are taught to rely on their creativity, no matter what they are studying.

Here’s how Montessori education can help develop creativity in your child:

1. Creativity Boosts Development.

A study by the Brain and Creativity Institute at the University of Southern California found that students’ brains develop faster if they study music. Music instruction appears to accelerate brain development in young children, particularly in the areas of the brain responsible for processing sound, language development, speech perception and reading skills.

At La Prima Casa, music lessons are incorporated into our curriculum. Our renown music teachers Mr. Joe Jedrlinic, who is an Emmy Award-winning engineer, and Ms. Deanne Foge, a graduate of NYU, teach our students how to sing and play various musical instruments.


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2. Montessori Approach to Art.

Montessori schools make art an important part of learning activities. Much of the Montessori focus Creative Development Art on art and creativity is in the practical application. Montessori teaches the skills of observation and analysis, which though may seem technical in nature, are also associated with thinking and creativity. Many of the art activities help improve students’ hand and eye coordination.

At La Prima Casa Montessori, our Art Teacher Ms. Liley leads the “Meet the Masters” art program, where the students get introduced to the work of some of the greatest artists in the world, including Claude Monet, Vincent Van Gogh, Rosa Bonheur and Pierre-Auguste Renoir.

Each month, the children learn about a new famous artist, their history and culture – and work on creating their own art masterpieces. At the end of every school year, we organize a school art gallery where we proudly display the students’ artwork.

This month, our Elementary students learned about French Impressionist Claude Monet and worked to re-create his famous painting, called “Water Lilies.”

3. Montessori Tools To Inspire.

Each Montessori classroom provides special tools to inspire creativity. Instead of bright colors and Creative Development classes plastics, Montessori classrooms are equipped with natural materials and fabrics, providing an array of wholesome sights, smells and feels to get students’ creativity flowing. Instead of serving up fantasy, our classrooms create the environment that fosters creativity that comes from within.

The Montessori philosophy makes sensory experience a central part of its curriculum. And these sensory experiences help provide a foundation for creative expression. We also use reading materials to help students distinguish fiction from reality and develop a sense of figurative speech, which allows them to better appreciate metaphors, symbolism and mythological stories.

4. Songs And Dance.

Most Montessori classrooms provide students with access to musical instruments, giving them another outlet for creative expression. Singing and dancing is a common activity, as Montessori teachers encourage their students to let their inner spirit out in joyful expression.

5. Guided By The Instructor.

Students in Montessori classrooms are given freedom to pursue their own academic interests, through the guidance of an instructor. This self-instructed curriculum provides an opportunity for students to pursue creative endeavors. If a student finds a productive creative outlet, the instructor will recognize and further encourage it.

At La Prima Casa Montessori, students enjoy a range of instructions and experiences that lead to positive development in many areas, including their creativity.

To learn more about how Montessori education can help boost your child’s creativity, please feel free to call us at 305-854-8001 and schedule a tour.  It will give you a chance to witness the Montessori philosophy in action and see why it is that La Prima Casa alumni consistently move on to Miami’s top schools and gifted programs!